13 Dec 2018
January's Family Fitness Fundraiser

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A whole month dedicated to fitness, we will be offering an entertaining programme of events to get us all active this January.

Throughout the four weeks, each student will have the opportunity to participate in that week’s designated fitness challenge, either individually or alongside their family members.

Our legacy wall - 'buy a brick'

We want to recognise those who will help us achieve this goal, so for every £25 pledged, the pledger will be invited to see their name on our Legacy Wall located in the new gym. A wall filled with the names of those who helped us get there - this is will be a permanent legacy!

Realising a dream

All monies raised will help us to realise our dream of creating an all-inclusive gym facility that will not only encourage, but inspire our young people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle whilst developing our athletes here at the college.

Our ambition to continually provide students access to the best teaching and up-to-date facilities remain at the core of what we do. Capital projects such as this are financially demanding and take time to realise. We recognise that without fundraising initiatives such as this our plans would be a lot longer in the making.

The new sports facility

We want to create a space that is inspiring. A space that will set us apart and allow our students to reach their full potential. New equipment such as lifting platforms with power racks will allow exposure to a fully comprehensive strength and conditioning programme, tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our new equipment will focus on plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability. The expansion of the training area will allow us to widen the type of exercises we are able to offer and help us to improve the fitness, body composition and overall performance of our students, all whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Each week during January there will be a day dedicated to a different activity, where students will have the opportunity to ‘have a go’.

A great way of perhaps trying something new, or just challenging your own fitness levels. Parents will then have the chance to also take part, with sessions planned on either side of the day at drop off and pick up times. Perhaps a little competition within families?!

Link: https://www.wsnl.co.uk/familyfitness